Liana Vasilache is a Romanian-born artist who currently lives in Brussels. Graduate of the Ixelles Arts Academy in Brussels, she works exclusively in black and white and makes mostly abstract drawings. In a universe which we cannot imagine without colours, shades and their infinite variations, she has chosen to create a black and white environment composed of shapes, shadows and lights that is as complex, intricate and amazing as the real world.

Having started with charcoal drawings reproducing various aspects of her surrounding world, she later explored countless creation avenues in abstract art.

Constantly on the lookout for learning and self-improvement opportunities, her working tools are charcoal, graphite, chalk, ink and paper. Her inspiration comes from the street, from photos and from the works of some classical and contemporary artists. She observes, reflects, and as soon as she puts pencil to paper, her drawing starts to emerge, just like an imaginary puzzle that takes shape.

Sometimes, through the combination of architectural images and abstract elements, she tries to create drawings that somehow remind us of our world, but which belong to an imaginary place that develops as she goes along, as if her interest in it would help it evolve endlessly. Hence, a single line is enough to create an entire universe strewn with grey shades intertwined with black hues, all dominated by the white which imposes its purity in silence and brings balance to the drawing.

Liana has taken up the challenge of using only black and white and has the pleasure to invite you to discover an unsuspected and fascinating world through her drawings. Enjoy the journey!


2021    16 – 19.07 Carte de visite, collective exhibition of Brussels artists, Brussels, Belgium
            30.06 – 4.07 London Art Biennale, London, England

2020    Time for Art, online exhibition, Council of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium
            The 4th annual black and white online juried art exhibition, Fusion Art

2019    Carte de visite, Brussels, Belgium

2018    Hidden Talents: Artists in Lex, Council of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium

2015    Exhibition of selected artists from the China Unlimited art competition

            Maasmechelen Village, Belgium

2012 – 2020 Final year exhibitions, Ixelles Art School, Brussels, Belgium